Your Thoughts: The Believers Are But Brothers

The Fringe First award-winning The Believers Are But Brothers by Javaad Alipoor kick starts our 2018 season.

This punchy one man shows looks at the complex tangled web of extremists, spies, journalists and fantasists.  It’s recently been shortlisted for The Stage Award for Innovation 2018 for its use of WhatsApp live chat.

The play is co-directed by Javaad and Kirsty Housley. Kirsty won The Stage Innovation Award in 2017 for co-directing The Encounter.

Take a look at some thoughts from the Edinburgh audience.



“It’s incredibly difficult to create a piece about the internet that feels like the thing itself and Alipoor has succeeded in doing just that.” The Reviews Hubs


“However brutal its content, this show is delicate in its approach and is never gratuitous with its violence.” Exeunt



Immerse yourself in the tangled web. Find out more and book for The Believers Are But Brothers. It plays here 24 Jan – 10 Feb 2018.