By Simon Stephens Wed 7 - Sat 31 Jan, 2004

A week before Christmas Eve in a pub in the heart of London's East End, four men confront their past and brace themselves for an uncertain future.

While pub landlord Michael prepares for the Christmas rush, Billy comes to terms with his mother's newly-developed dope habit, Charlie plans to celebrate by having a bath and Seppo, well, Seppo just wants to get drunk.

But this is not just your average night down the local - one of them has a secret he cannot share?

Each performance also features four mystery performers in cameo roles, from: Marc Bolton, Ralph Brown, Matt Devitt, Mark Enticknap, Anthony Ingram, Steve Kennedy, James Lance and Steve Speirs.


What the papers say

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'Stephens holds your attention with the vigour, accuracy and economy of his dialogue, his sense of atmosphere, the way he builds up his characters without seeming to do so.'

The Sunday Times

'It's a melancholy piece, but also a sensitive, well-written one...Jo McInnes has teased fine performances from all her cast.'

The Times


Direction - Joanne McInnes
Design - James Humphrey & Geoff Rose
Lighting design - Matthew Eagland
Sound design - Mike Winship
Original Composition - Will Matthews


cast includes

Bernard Gallagher
Fred Ridgeway
Paul Ritter
Lee Ross