Essex on Stage: The Sh*t

by Kenny Emson
Researched and Commissioned by The Working Party Theatre Company. Supported by Queen's Theatre Hornchurch and Matthew Schmolle Productions

A play about youth work.

In one of the thousands of forgotten youth centres across our country, Eric works for a single hour each week to break Daniel out of his spiral towards jail or the grave. But what happens when the work itself becomes a matter of life and death? The Working Party Theatre Company create theatre to make change.

Created in response to research and consultation with youth workers and young people in London and Leeds, join Eric and Daniel for a glimpse of their weekly support sessions in the world premier this dynamic new play.

The Sh*t by Kenny Emson is an honest, unflinching examination of the relationship between those on the margins of society and the people employed to help them.

Supported by Arts Council England, The Spears-Stutz Charitable Trust, The Stage One Bursary Scheme, Leeds City College, Leeds Playhouse, AJS and JS.
This is a past event


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