Papatango Prize Winners 2021

Papatango Theatre Company and English Touring Theatre present
the winners of the 2021 Papatango New Writing Prize

The best new writing. Made for audio. Delivered to your local theatre.

In a reimagined iteration of Papatango’s annual playwriting awards, three winning plays have been produced as audio productions. The thirteenth Papatango New Writing Prize winning plays are Nkenna Akunna’s Some Of Us Exist In The Future, Tom Powell’s The Silence and The Noise, and Tajinder Singh Hayer’s Ghost Stories from an Old Country.

The audio productions will play from free listening devices which can be booked and collected from our Box Office, or listened to on your own device via a QR code.

Listen to the three award-winning plays in the comfortable surroundings of the Bush’s Script Library, before they tour the country! Playing from 26 October alongside the 2020 Papatango New Writing Prize winner, Old Bridge by Igor Memic.

Some Of Us Exist In The Future
by Nkenna Akunna

Chiamaka is new to all this. Fresh off the plane from the UK, she’s new to Brooklyn and its extremes. She’s new to queer dating. She’s new to being an immigrant. Most of all, she’s new to the voices of the gods…

Utterly original, wryly funny and always gripping, Some Of Us Exist In The Future follows one woman’s journey to finding her place in a world that’s not all it seems.

Directed by Rasheka Christie-Carter
Composer and Sound Designer: Xana
Cast includes: babirye bukilwa, Florian Clare, Funmi James, Rachel Nwokoro and Oseloka Obi

Ghost Stories From An Old Country
by Tajinder Singh Hayer

Dalvir has always told a good ghost story, properly unsettling, dark tales to send a chill right through his younger brother Amar. But now Dalvir’s almost a ghost himself, cloistered and secretive. Amar desperately wants to reconnect with the only family he has left, but can he unravel Dalvir’s stories to find a way back to his brother?

Threaded through with captivating fables, Ghost Stories From An Old Country is a riveting and poignant exploration of the ties that bind us.

Directed by Jessica Lazar
Composer and Sound Designer: Farokh Soltani
Cast includes: Rebecca Crankshaw, Raj Ghatak and Shane Zaza

The Silence and The Noise
by Tom Powell

Every teenager knows what it’s like to be stuck between things: childhood and maturity, innocence and experience, hope for the future and uncertainty about what that will be. But Daize is torn between even greater challenges: her love for her vulnerable mother and her dangerous friendship with Ant. An outsider with knockout trainers, Ant has just appeared on her doorstep, bringing with him a whole world of trouble.

The Silence and The Noise beautifully captures the story of two young people on the edge.

Directed by George Turvey
Composer and Sound Designer: Asaf Zohar
Cast includes: Aldous Ciokajlo-Squire and Shakira Riddell-Morales

How does it work?

The audio plays can be listened to via free devices with headsets which you can collect from the Box Office. You can also listen on your own device via QR codes displayed around the building, if you would prefer. When you book, we will reserve you a space to sit in our cosy Script Library to listen to one or all of the plays in comfort.

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