Pillowtalk Sessions: Motherland

by Speakbeat Collective

Female led Speakbeat Collective is hosting Pillowtalk Sessions pt 3. After a series of successful events online, we cannot wait to finally share our night with you IN REAL LIFE. The evening will be sure to bring you a mix of powerful spoken-word, new poetry, mixes from a live DJ and all round good vibes!

All the pieces performed will be in response to this session’s theme – ‘MOTHERLAND’.

Speakbeat is dedicated to giving opportunities to women, trans and non-binary artists from the global majority and to reiterate that they should never be considered a ‘minority’.

It will be bold, authentic, full of life and a celebration of all things ‘MOTHERLAND’.

Joining the session is DJ Imanaaliyah, a sound engineer and DJ from South London. She loves reading stories from black and POC writers, especially ones centred around joy and community as those have been essential in her upbringing.

Alongside her, our incredible line-up of artists: A The Poet, Anna Antoniades, Azan Ahmed, Jonathan Bright, Maureen Onwunali, Rithvik Andugula, Sagal Gabay and Tanaka Feugo.

This is a past event
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