RADAR 2012: Sneak Peeks

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This November, the Bush explores the future of new writing with a three week festival. RADAR 2012 sees performances from some of the UK’s most exciting artists, reveals sneak peeks of work in progress, and presents a series of provocative talks led by theatre makers from across the industry.

RADAR 2012 Sneak Peeks

MONEY the game show by Clare Duffy

A Bush Theatre and Unlimited Theatre co-production.
MONEY the game show is a new show that takes a playful look at how the world’s economic system came to the brink of collapse, and asks big questions about the value of the pound in our pockets.

The show is currently being developed ahead of its premiere in February. Specially for RADAR, we invite you to take part in an interactive game between two teams and bet on the possible future consequences of the global economic crisis. Winners get prizes.

DATES AND DETAILS. This Sneak Peek is performed alongside Chapel Street by Luke Barnes on Fri 9th Nov, 7.30pm. Tickets £12 (£10 concessions). Book now

It’s A Wonderful Place by Theatre Ad Infinitum
Multi-award winning Theatre Ad Infinitum takes you on an explosive journey to Israel. It’s a Wonderful Place is the testimony of an Israeli living in the UK seeing the Holy Land from outside. Enraged by injustice, stupidity, human cruelty and decades of lies, Nir Paldi has decided there’s only one thing he can do: put on his favourite party dress, climb into killer heels and don his finest stockings in the search for hope.

With an international all-female chorus and a mix of cabaret, cross-gender performance, physical storytelling and live music, Theatre Ad Infinitum embarks on their most ambitious project to date.

DATES AND DETAILS. This Sneak Peek is performed alongside Chewing Gum Dreams on Monday 12 Nov, 7.30pm. Tickets £12 (£10 concessions). BOOK NOW
If you can’t catch It’s a Wonderful Place here, see it at TARA ARTS or REDBRIDGE DRAMA CENTRE

British Tea Party by Hollie McNish and Round’Ere by Kat Pearce
Bush Bounce artists Hollie and Kat return to the Bush to perform their pieces as part of RADAR 2012
British Tea Party: In A British Tea Break, you are invited to journey through the ingredients of a traditional afternoon tea whilst experiencing an intimate spoken word show which explores themes of Britishness, immigration, women and workers rights
Round’Ere: A screwed up crackwhore cabaret act turns emotional exploration of north-western girl-ness, slap bang in the middle of a binge-living culture plagues with the politics of ‘Cameron’s Coalition’

DATES AND DETAILS. This Sneak Peek is performed alongside The Looking Screen by Anna Chmelewsky on Thursday 15 Nov, 7.30pm. Tickets £12 (£10 concessions). BOOK NOW

I Promise You Sex and Violence– A work in progress of a new play by David Ireland. Presented by Greyscale

I will not sleep with him tonight, I will not sleep with him tonight,
I will not sleep with him tonight, I will not sleep with him tonight,
I will not sleep with him tonight, I will not sleep with him tonight,
I will not stare at her tits, I will not stare at her tits, I will not stare at her tits, I will not stare at her tits, I will not stare at her tits, I will not stare at her tits.

A new play about objectification, gratification and fornication, when you don’t know how to behave.

Supported by Trigger at Warwick Arts Centre.

DATES AND DETAILS. This Sneak Peek is performed alongside Beats by Kieran Hurley on Monday 19th Nov, 7.30pm. Tickets £12 (£10 concessions). BOOK NOW

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And with that #AnAdventure is #AMemory. It’s been a total privilege working alongside it @bushtheatre . What a show… https://t.co/ID24U99Hpo
Guy Clark
21 Oct
Beautiful epic heart-rending storytelling by @VinayPatel last night @bushtheatre Thank you @LauraHanna1 for taking… https://t.co/ohwLvZn6VH
peta cornish
21 Oct
Rasik x Jyoti. An Adventure @bushtheatre. Goodbye. ❤️ https://t.co/iMlyLGBcFH
Anjana Vasan
21 Oct
Just watched #AnAdventure by @VinayPatel at the @bushtheatre. The cast is terrific and the writing is bold, honest,… https://t.co/cqsdCHTNsg
Mathew Kollamkulam
21 Oct
It was the final performance of #AnAdventure last night & this production has totally overwhelmed how much I ever a… https://t.co/1OIBRbt4Pd
The Shining(rid) ☠️
21 Oct
Last day of @VinayPatel's extraordinary #AnAdventure @bushtheatre. Can't be there unfortunately, but here's some o… https://t.co/mP3I9MOS1g
Ed Clarke
20 Oct

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