Social Media Community Guidelines

The Bush Theatre prides itself on telling stories from a wide range of backgrounds, and amplifying the voices of those from underrepresented communities. Our social media is an extension of our programmed work and is a way to continue the conversation with our community. 

The nature of the work we do can attract some negative comments online, and while we aim to start conversation around these themes, we understand the need to protect those we work with and the different communities on our platforms from receiving harassment/ hate speech. 

Whilst we want to hear from our community and encourage your comments, questions and suggestions, we ask that our whole community respect each other’s opinions. We reserve the right to remove any posts that we consider offensive, hateful or disrespectful to our community. 

What is Hate Speech?

Abusive or threatening speech or writing that expresses prejudice against a particular group, especially on the basis of race, religion, or sexual orientation or gender orientation.

Violent or dehumanizing speech
For example, comparing all people of a certain race to insects or animals

Statements of inferiority, disgust or contempt
For example, suggesting that all people of a certain gender are disgusting

Calls for exclusion or segregation
For example, saying that people of a certain religion shouldn’t be allowed to vote”

Use of transphobic, homophobic, racist or misogynist language or expression of those sentiments

What is Harassment?

Behaviour targeted against someone with the intention of causing ‘alarm or distress’ and which may also put people ‘in fear of violence’. 

For example: 

Degrading or shaming someone
Calling for self-injury or suicide
Attacking through derogatory sexual terms
Repeatedly contacting a person who doesn’t want that contact
Repeatedly contacting large numbers of people with no prior solicitation”
Deliberate misgendering and mis-use of pronouns
This behaviour can include ‘repeated attempts to impose unwanted communications and contact upon a victim in a manner that could be expected to cause distress or fear in any reasonable person’.

What is our commitment?

If we find there is anyone who goes against our social media community guidelines we will take the steps to report and remove the comments immediately.

If an account repeatedly goes against our community guidelines then we will block the account.

Last of all, please remember that all our followers also need to comply with the social media platform’s own terms of use.