The Neighbourhood Project

In collaboration with award-winning theatre company Look Left Look Right, we worked to devise an original performance made and performed by the people on our doorstep – local residents.

London is a magnet of a city; for those who are born here, who arrive, who choose to stay. In a town with an ever-changing facade, we wanted to explore what roots us to a place. Because we’re all experts on our hometown.

You can read more about the project using the links below.

The Journey

Where Are They Now?


“You have to come because you’re important, this important person. They make you feel wanted and it’s a nice feeling. The Neighbourhood Project has been life-changing and eye-opening for me.” – Participant

“It’s been one of the best experiences to date in my literary and theatrical experience. It’s just been completely amazing. It’s built my self-esteem, my courage to speak in front of an audience, it’s just been fantastic.” – Participant