Bush Local

Live or work locally? Join Bush Local for free

If you live or work in a two mile radius of the Bush, you can get the most out of your local theatre by joining our free Bush Local membership. You’ll get:

  • £5 off standard price tickets (£25+) in the Holloway Theatre
  • £2.50 off standard price tickets (£15+) in the Studio.
  • 20% off food and drink at our bar.
  • Bespoke offers, news and more.
  • Once you have signed up, your discount will automatically apply.

How to Join

Bush Local is free to join. Simply click add to basket below and register your details. When booking, discounts will be automatically applied. It’s that easy!


If you live or work in one of the following postcodes you are eligible to join Bush Local:
W2; W3; W4; W6; W8; W9; W10; W11, W12; W14; SW5; SW6; SW7; SW13; NW10.