Filmed Performances

What is a filmed performance?

At a filmed performance, a film crew is recording the play for later broadcast. The broadcast is usually in the form of an online stream.

Can I attend a filmed performance?

Yes, we make tickets available to our filmed performances online.

I’m coming to a filmed performance. Will the show be different?

At a filmed performance, we are aiming to capture an authentic recording of the live show. We do not make any significant changes to the production.

Will my seat be restricted view?

Some seats that normally have excellent views may have slightly restricted sight-lines due to the positioning of cameras in the auditorium seating area. Camera positions are different for each production.

Audience members are also advised that some camera angles may include them in shot, and that by attending a filmed performance they consent to being included in the broadcast in this way.

Can I buy tickets for the online broadcast?

This depends where the film will be shown. Tickets for all of our public online broadcasts are sold through our website, so check out our What’s On page and look for events that say ‘Online’.