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Writer and star of Elephant | Meet Anoushka Lucas

Kaiaa’s Pass It On Rehearsal Diary

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Meet our new Writer in Residence, Tanika Gupta: “Theatre will prevail”

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Celebrating 50 years: Coral Wylie

Celebrating 50 years: Jack Thorne

Meet the writer: Will Jackson

Meet the writer: Waleed Akhtar

In celebration of Benedict Lombe and the EWG

Meet the writer: Ambreen Razia

Vinay Patel’s New-Year-taking-stock-hope-injection… sort of

Get to know… Shahid Iqbal Khan

Treading Water by Ava Wong Davies

Ava Wong Davies opens up about her personal experiences and struggle to meet the expectations associated with being a writer. I worry that I have a small imagination. I worry that I don’t get ideas. I talk to the other writers on EWG and it seems like they have notebooks stuffed with pages full of…

Ambreen Razia: ‘Show the West the pain they’ve caused…the colonial trauma inflicted on your ancestors’

Monday – ‘I hid his firearms’ she said through her chestnut eyes, her finger tips lightly touching one another, blonde highlights through her Pakistani hair, each strand telling me who she used to be. ‘This country’s failed me’, her words bouncing off her majesty’s walls, I sit opposite her with my name, she sits opposite…

the lonely creative. by Robyn London

I have spent my life immersed in creativity.  As a guide, passion or perhaps what others may interpret as an unrealistic dream.  It is embedded within my earliest memories. It has nurtured my soul. There is beauty in the moments of creativity that healed parts of me, that I didn’t realise were broken. Memories of…

There must be magic in the atmosphere By Benedict Lombe

Benedict Lombe from our Emerging Writers Group writes about diasporic experience. It’s 3am. I’m sitting in my room wolfing down a pack of Doritos and thinking about the night I just had. I’m also thinking – quite intensely – about who decided we needed more than one flavour of Doritos? Bro, you hit the jackpot…

Bijan Sheibani: Drama is a means of finding our truer selves

Why did the performance artist walk onto the tv set?

Hatching Phase by Ella Road

Ella Road, one of our Emerging Writers’ ruminates on having writer’s block. There’s a tree outside my bedroom window That didn’t give any apples last year. I’d watched it carefully from my desk. Was worried it was dying. But my housemate said that things sometimes need a fallow phase. It didn’t drop any apples this…

Imposter Syndrome by Emerging Writer Sophia Chetin-Leuner

Sophia Chetin-Leuner from our Emerging Writers Group opens up about Imposter Syndrome First Emerging Writers Group (EWG) meeting. I’ve already googled everyone, obviously. Their accolades are big. Big awards, tv shows, productions. I hope no one googled me.  We go round, introduce ourselves. My eczema flares up when I’m nervous, and I feel myself getting…

Life is An Adventure

Vinay Patel looks back on his Adventure

awkward – by Zia Ahmed

Zia Ahmed from our Emerging Writers’ Group reflects on a trip to Edinburgh Fringe Festival I’m back in london After quick trip to fringe + my lips are covered in sores This has only happened one other time before ——- My first day at fringe this year The flat I’m staying at a like a…

Meet the Writer: Kalungi Ssebandeke

Announcing Our Project 2036 Artists for 2018

Winsome Pinnock introduces Passing the Baton