Show guidance and content warnings

We want to give you the most complete information about our shows, to ensure you have the best experience when you visit the Bush Theatre.

We put together documents containing information about each show so that you can know more about what to expect. You can find this linked on the event page for each production – click the link that says ‘pre-show information’.

Pre-show information includes notes about:

  • content guidance
  • the themes and story
  • the performance space
  • technical elements including lighting, sound and special effects

As our shows are new and in development right up until press night, these details might change as the production is made. We will update the info as and when we know more about each show.

We believe that content warnings show be accurate, precise and objective, and that content warnings are a tool to allow everyone to make informed choices and to engage with our productions on a more equal footing. We include links in pre-show emails and some key content guidance will be included on signage in our building as you enter the performance space.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our Box Office team: