Captioned Performances

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A caption unit displays the actors’ words as they are spoken or sung, and provides information such as sound effects and music.
Captioning may also be useful for people who are deaf or hard of hearing, or who speak English as a second language. Captioned performances are available for most of our productions.

Current Performances

Red Pitch
Thur 17 Mar, 7:30pm

House of Ife
Thurs 19 May at 7.30pm
Sat 28 May at 2.30pm

Weds 13 July at 8.00pm

Thurs 14 July at 7.30pm
Sat 23 July at 2.30pm

The P Word
Thurs 29 Sept at 7.30pm
Sat 8 Oct at 2.30pm

Weds 28 Sept at 8.00pm

Weds 2 Nov at 8.00pm

Paradise Now!
Thurs 15 Dec at 7.30pm
Sat 7 Jan at 2.30pm

Thurs 16 Mar at 7.30pm
Sat 25 Mar at 2.30pm

August In England
Thurs 18 May at 7.30pm
Sat 27 May at 2.30pm


Captioned Streaming Events

Captions will be available in English – UK for our online live-streamed and on-demand events. To turn captions on or off, click the CC icon in the video frame.


Live Captioned Digital Events

Some of our online events via Zoom will be digitally live-captioned. Click the CC button at the beginning of the Zoom meeting to enable this feature.

Hearing Loopicons-disability-hearing-loop-white

Please collect headsets from the Box Office for our hearing system

Hearing Dogsicons-disability-dog-white

You are welcome to bring your hearing dog into both auditoriums. Please request an aisle seat when you book. Alternatively, our staff are happy to dog-sit for you.